What to do in Genova

Pearl of Liguria

he Hotel Parigi offers the opportunity to visit the major attractions of the city on foot.

Within walking distance there are the Museum Theatre “La Commenda” and the Maritime Museum “Galata”.

A short walk from the fishing boats, along the new fish market and You will arrive in Aquarius.

For art lovers, will be inevitable a tour in via Garibaldi, also known as “Strada Nuova”, the Road of Museums and UNESCOWorld Heritage Site.
Finally if you want make shopping, at only half hour by car there’s the Serravalle Outlet, where you can find all the best italian brands.

Galata Museo del Mare

The Galata Museo del Mare you board, there identifies itself in the lives of sailors, passengers and emigrants.

The largest Maritime Museum stands in the Italian maritime museum design for the quality and innovation of its reconstructions. Even today, in front of an audience made ​​up of various people, ages and backgrounds and often far from the sea and its culture, the Galata “impacts” with its ability to immerse the visitor in reconstructions attentive, high-quality scientific and formal, designed to allow the best representation of an era, a type of ship, the life that we lived on board.

Acquario di Genova

The largest aquarium in Italy. The richest exposure of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. Over seventy ecosystems in which they dive.

More In terms of display tanks and animal species every year, opening today new spaces and new species representative of environments to preserve expect the public to new experiences exciting and educational. By manatees that have given rise to the myth of the sirens to the famous delfine, from cute penguins to the great predators of the sea – sharks -. Jellyfish, seals, colorful reef fish, rays to pet complete one of the nicest locations in the city. Come with us on a journey that will fill your heart with emotions and a deep sense of respect for the sea.